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October 16, 2012
Issue 18 extra

Following the extreme popularity of ADI-diary and many requests from driving instructors, Dedoc Software has released a new diary. And, as we have been told, "Better late than never".

Firstly, the ADI-diary team wants to thank all instructors who participated in our surveys, which helped our programming team to make this new fantastic product.

After looking at all requests and suggestions, we came to the conclusion that the best way to satisfy our customers was to put the diary online and optimise it for iPad and Android. The system will automatically recognise the type of device you are using and adjust behaviour accordingly. If you are using an iPad, then the system will switch on the touch functions. Otherwise, it will use normal mouse procedures. Read more about Tutor Diary Features

What are major differences between ADI-diary and Tutor Diary?

To start with, instructors do not need to worry about losing their diary if their computer crashes or is stolen. If you buy a new laptop or iPad, your diary is still available; with no installation, no importing of data or rescue procedures. Emails to your pupils are improved, and the system works out of the box. Our server will make sure your emails are delivered.

Many requests were made to include SMS into the system. This has been implemented and if you choose, you can send an SMS to your pupil's mobile phone as a lesson reminder.

But don't take our word on this, please check out the demo.

What is most important is that this new software, will be absolutely free to all customers who are currently using ADI-diary and Diary-Online. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Tutor Diary will be constantly under development, and our new policy (and this is a promise) is that any upgrade to the software will be free to all subscribing customers.

How do I upgrade?

Anita Campbell

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