Tutor Diary Features

Tutor Diary is Dedoc Software's latest product catering to the business needs of driving schools and driving instructors. Tutor Diary is a booking management system that helps driving schools track finances, students and other relevant information. It is not simply a diary to record driving timings of pupils enrolled in the school; its exciting features do a lot more!

Tutor Diary is an online product that can be accessed directly by a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

How Is The Tutor Diary Different From ADI-Diary?

Tutor Diary is the latest version of ADI-Diary and offers compatibility with Windows 7 and 8. It offers greater security; in case of a disk crash or stolen computer, the data can be directly fetched from servers. The diary would be available without any installation or recovery procedures. Tutor Diary has an improved emailing system and includes a new SMS feature that permits you to send an SMS to your pupil's mobile phone as a lesson reminder.

Exciting Features Of Tutor Diary That Help Your Business

Optimization for a range of devices and operating systems

Unlike ADI-diary, Tutor-Diary can work on any modern operating system - Windows, Mac or Linux. Tutor Diary also is optimized for iPad and Android. The system will automatically recognise the type of device you are using and adjust behaviour accordingly. If you are using an iPad or Android, then the system will switch on the touch functions. Otherwise, it will use normal mouse procedures.

Credit Card Support

Tutor Diary can take payments online using 3rd party company so instructors can take credit cards directly in car using an iPad.

Better Invoice System

Invoice system is not restricted to lessons anymore as in ADI-diary. It can include any other product or service such as charge back for driving test fees or Hazard Perception DVD.

Tracking Prepaid and Unpaid Lessons

Student records of those that have paid for their driving lessons in advance can be easily tracked. This ensures that instructors do not miss out on driving lessons. It facilitates easy distinction and tracking of those who have paid and those who have yet to pay so that you do not miss out on collecting payments. You can easily view earning reports for paid and unpaid lessons.

Email or SMS reminder to the pupil

Tutor Diary has an improved emailing system and includes a new SMS feature that permits you to send an SMS to your pupil's mobile phone as a lesson reminder. The SMS feature is optional.

Improved Memos

Pupils and Instructors Memos are improved; you can insert them as you go along and then view according to date. ADI-Diary, on the other hand, has a single memo per pupil only.

Greater degree of control

Create your own courses, enter the duration of the lesson and set the price. These will be automatically assigned to every new lesson for a given pupil. You can view your schedule and comprehensive pupil's Progress Report by month, week or day. ADI-diary offers only 'view by week'.

Easy Software Upgrades

Tutor Diary provides free software upgrades. Constant improvements are being made to the software based on changing needs and requests of existing customers.