Personalised Login Page

The new system allows every instructor and driving school to have a personalised login page, containing your own logos, images, links and text. Your web designer can create a single page which will be displayed when you login to your diary. The login page is designed in such way that your images and text surrounds the main secure login form. You do not need to include all the parts for your login page. For example: you can include just header.htm or centre.htm, the rest of the parts will disappear.
Your login page must be broken into 5 separate files, which will be merged with the main secure login page. There is no need to include all of the pages. The server will silently ignore the missing parts and the space will shrink to zero width. Click here to view sample page
Click here to download sample page

All pictures and logos must be in folder called images and the link to an image must be in the following format:

<img src="[DRIVING-SCHOOL]/images/your-logo.png">

Important! For better performance, always specify both the height and width attributes for images.
Downsizing a large image with the height and width attributes forces a user to download the large image (even if it looks small on the page). To avoid this, rescale the image with a program before using it on a page.

The login page contains include.htm which includes jQuery 1.7.1, jQuery-ui 1.8.17 and jQuery 1.8.13 themes. You can specify any of the following themes:

  • base
  • black-tie
  • blitzer
  • cupertino
  • dark-hive
  • dot-luv
  • eggplant
  • excite-bike
  • flick
  • hot-sneaks
  • humanity
  • le-frog
  • mint-choc
  • overcast
  • pepper-grinder
  • redmond
  • smoothness
  • south-street
  • start
  • sunny
  • swanky-purse
  • trontastic
  • ui-darkness
  • ui-lightness
  • vader
Please do not include video clips, they will strain the server and divert the processing power from database to streaming the video
Do not link any images, JavaScript or CSS from another website, it will compromise SSL and your login page might display warnings. will store a single compound login page with all images included in the page. All hyperlinks should lead to actual driving school website. You can place a hyperlink from your website to your login page matching the design of your login page to your website.

Once the page is completed, please forward all the parts in a zip file to Please give us 48 hours to upload your Personalised Login Page.
If you have difficulties in creating the page, we highly recommend you contact an independent web designers to help you create this Personalised Login Page.