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December 8, 2013
Issue 30
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This is an important announcement for all ADI-diary.NET users
If you are using tutorDIARY then you can safely ignore this message.

ADI-diary.NET website is moving to a different server. The transfer is scheduled on December 10, 2013.
  1. Domain name stays the same.
  2. Your account will be automatically transferred unchanged to the new server.
  3. Your username and password remain the same.
How will it affect you

If you are using ADI-diary.NET on your local computer or laptop then it will not affect you in any way.
If you are using Diary-Online or Mirror-Diary then you might experience a slight lack of synchronisation between your diaries which can be fixed very easily.

Why out of sync will happen
It is due to Internet DNS (Domain Name System) propagation around the world.
Usually it takes 48 hours, but occasionally it can take up to 72 hours to propagate the new IP address (the server location). Therefore, your computer will persistently try to connect to the old server, which we will run in parallel to the new server for at least two weeks to minimise any disruption.

To refresh IP address, your computer usually contacts public DNS server every 48 hours. When this happens the new IP address is issued and your computer will connect to the new server. Because during this period your computer was communicating with the old address, Diary-Online might appear slightly out of sync.

How to fix it
  1. Go to Network Menu and click “Resynchronise selected diary”
  2. Select “This Month”
  3. Click OK
That’s it.
We recommend you do not resynchronise All Records. If you have been using ADI-diary for several years, then it can take some time to resynchronise thousands of records. Your entire Diary-Online will be transferred to the new server unchanged.
All you need to do is resynchronise "This Month".

Alternatively, if you want to switch to the new server immediately, you can try to alter your settings.
  1. Got to Network Menu and click Switchboard Account
  2. In the field where you can see,
  3. Change it to and link to the same website and because your computer probably never needed to contact the propagation does not apply here and your computer will immediately connect to the new server.

We apologise for any inconvenience, but without moving to a new server we cannot improve our services.

Newsletter Editor: Emmie Grant
Technical Support: Gregory Schechter
Tutor Diary Programing Team
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