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May 28, 2013
Issue 27
Back to Content Dear tutorDIARY user,

Our team is pleased to release a new minor update to the system, which will improve some features.

The printing will now resize the screen of the diary for the week you are viewing. Previously the printing was restricted to the current week only.

It was reported by Excel School of Motoring that Helpdesk did not submit a ticket if Summary Box contained more than 100 characters. To fix that, we have restricted the length of the Summary text box. If your message is longer than 100 characters then please click New Note button to add additional information.

Pupil Reports
Insight2drive Driving School requested the addition of pupils address. We have added it to the Pupils Report.
  • Click View
  • Under Reports heading click Pupils
This will ensure that you have all necessary information in one place.

The update should happen automatically next time you log. However, we recommend hitting F5 key for updates to take effect. The update is scheduled for 30 May 2013

Newsletter Editor: Anita Campbell
Technical Support: Gregory Schechter
Tutor Diary programing team
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