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April 30, 2013
Issue 25
Back to Content Dear tutorDIARY user,

We are pleased to announce yet another upgrade which will be released on May 3, 2013.

We have done everything for your browser to update automatically. However, browsers always keep a cache of old versions; therefore, you may need to hit Ctrl+F5 key for changes to take effect once you are logged in.

How to Clear Your Browser's Cache (Wikihow)
How to Clear Your Browser's Cache (Wikipedia)

Booking Display Format allows you to choose what type of information you want to display. Click Control Panel – Settings - Booking Display Format. Choose data name in dropdown, font size and style. The colour is determined by your current theme. The settings are stored in cookies on your local computer and retained for 30 days.

User Friendly
  • The address and allocated instructor is visible no matter which tab you click.
  • Advance Search includes phone numbers, which allows you to quickly find a pupil just by typing the phone number.
  • Create new pupil includes dropdown menu with all pupils which are already in the database.
  • In Booking Form, pupil’s details are opened automatically, which spares you an extra click.
Memos are expanded to Admin users. All memos can be placed on Dashboard, to remind you of things to-do for today or tomorrow. The dashboard is self maintained, memos appear automatically and you can dismiss them at any time.

Animated Graph Charts are introduced, which will help you to analyse your data, viewable in 4 formats: Bar, Line, Pie and Donut. Charts are placed on the Dashboard under Statistics Heading. Our team is determined to constantly develop the statistics page. For this development we need your input. Please use helpdesk to give us any ideas for new statistics data tables. We are happy to implement any useful suggestions.

SMS messages 160 characters limit is removed. If your SMS message is longer than 160 characters, then the system will automatically find cheapest SMS service provider to deliver your message.

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Tutor Diary programing team
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