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January 19, 2013
Issue 22
Back to Content Dear Tutor Diary Users,

We are pleased to announce another new upgrade.
Tutor diary now includes Block Bookings.
The release is scheduled for Monday, 21 January 2013

How to use the new feature

Click Bookings
At the bottom select "Start Block Bookings", which will be remembered the next time you log into the diary.

Please note: "One click booking" option will never be remembered by the diary. This is a simple security measure and avoids accidental clicks onto the diary.

When “Start Block Bookings” option is selected, any click on an empty time slot will open a dialog box.
  • The pupil will be pre-selected from the top right corner of the diary itself.
  • The course is fetched from pupil’s profile
  • Starting date and time is pre-selected depending where you have clicked on the diary
  • Lesson duration and Rates are fetched from Course Settings
On the right side of the dialog box you will see the pre-calculated dates with corresponding lessons fees. If your Courses and Rates have different fees for midweek and weekends, then this will be taken into account.

Select the days you want to book your lessons.

Please note: the first date always will be in the pre-calculated list.
For example: if you have selected Tuesday and Friday but the starting date is Monday then the list will show first date on Monday then Tuesday, Friday, Tuesday, Friday and so on.

If you select DNB (Do Not Book) option then Pupil, Rates and Lesson Duration will be ignored.

When you are ready click OK.
All bookings will be inserted into the diary but not saved yet.
If everything is correct, click save, otherwise click undo and start again.

Enjoy the new feature
Tutor Diary programing team

Newsletter Editor: Anita Campbell
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