ADI-diary introducing tutorDIARY, the next generation of technology for driving instructors

Technology for driving instructors

January 8, 2013
Issue 20
Back to Content Dear ADI-diary Users,

We are pleased to announce our new product, the next generation of technology for driving instructors.

Firstly, ADI-diary team wants to thank all instructors who participated in our survey, which helped our programming team to make this new fantastic product. We also want to thank all instructors who participated in testing the software, especially Paul Green and Tony Benton.

The new release is currently open for existing customers only. Subscription can be obtained by contacting our technical support:

Tutor Diary will constantly be under development, and our new policy is that any upgrade to the software will be free to all subscribing customers.

Tomorrow, 9 January 2013, we are introducing two new features: Statistics and Custom email templates. Statistics will show you an overview of the state of your business for the previous, current and next weeks. Email templates will allow all users to create customised email notifications and lesson reminders.

This and all future upgrades to the system will be performed at night so your work would not be disrupted.

After the system has upgraded, you will able to see an additional link.
  1. Click Control Panel
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Dashboard
On dashboard page you will able to find all the necessary tools to create your own email templates. You will also be able to set your own email return address.

For example: Currently all emails are sent from By setting up your own SMTP you will able to send emails to your pupils with return address for example:

The upgrade to the system is scheduled for 9 January 2013 between 11pm and 3am. The tutor diary services will be unavailable during that time.

Anita Campbell
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